Giachetta Rigogliosa "Magnavixen" Rucio (magnavixen) wrote,
Giachetta Rigogliosa "Magnavixen" Rucio

A few thoughts about drawings.

Now, most of us in the furry community have had pictures drawn of us. And I am certainly no exception to this, I've been commissioning for.. just about ten years now. I've come across recently a picture that I haven't looked at in five years. It's the first picture I've gotten in a sketchbook, as far as I can discern. I'm certain I've scanned and uploaded it before, but like a lot of pictures or photographs.. even in out new digital convenient frame.. more often than not, pictures are taken, looked at perhaps once, and then forgotten about. Especially in furry fandom, when only the most stellar pieces of art rise and resurface again. I know there's a half-dozen pictures I'd like to see again, drawn for me, that are somewhere on some backup CD someplace, or maybe the artist MIGHT still have a copy. etc.

Now, a lot of times in these drawings, people are focused upon illustration over art. (And sometimes, erotica over both of those.) After all, our furry characters require explanation, require details explained from as simple as "Orange fur" to as complex as "Always wears a blue dress with a slit up the left hip to waistline." (Yeah, I'm callin' you out, Cassie!) We know these details of our characters, we know when they're right or wrong, and an incorrect illustration of such can leave a sour taste in our mouths if the details aren't quite right. Conbadges, those always should be focused on illustration: Clean, concise portraiture to convey your character in a half-second glance as you pass someone down a hallway.

But that's not all these drawings need to be. Sometimes, you want art. You want something that stirs a response, evokes a mood, speaks deeply to spirit and soul.. something to make you sad. angry. giddy. aroused. Something.. that's art.

This picture, of Magnavox and Gyngerfox, has a lot of the details wrong. Magnavox's fur patterns are off. His eyes, his build and height. Gyng's details are somewhat off too. As far as illustration goes, it's not that good a job.

But it takes me instantly back ten years, and makes me remember happy and wonderful times, and makes me smile just to see it again. This is art as it should be, and no quibble over illustration changes that. It's wonderful still, and it's art.

Merry Christmas again, gyngerfox.
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