Giachetta Rigogliosa "Magnavixen" Rucio (magnavixen) wrote,
Giachetta Rigogliosa "Magnavixen" Rucio

Vixen In The Kitchen: Give a Man a Filet mignon and..

I cook extra 8-ounce Certified Angus Beef filets every day, at work. Well, every day I'm on the grill station, which is four of six days now- every day I'm there and Dean isn't. Yes, six days has become pretty usual, with the day off making its shift now to Wednesday. We're consistently understaffed, and though we get by... oof, it's tough.

But, yes, I cook extra filets, and veal rib chops, at work, to 'grave' them. What that means is: I grill a filet on each side, without the nice quarter-turns.. about five minutes on a side.. to bring it to roughly medium-rare, then it goes into a 2" perforated pan sitting over a 4" perforated pan, with almost enough water to make it hit the perforations. This sits on a cooler section of the grill, so that it keeps warm, but doesn't cook further. So when the order comes in for the well-done filet, the medium-rare can go back on the grill, and be done in ten minutes instead of twenty to twenty-five. It's a great speed-up, as long as you're careful to keep the 'grave' to an appropriate amount, and know when to stop it- so you don't end up with extra. So a close eye on reservations is needed.

Now, I'm not the only one who graves filets, but I do it more consistently than others, and with better results.. I rarely have more than one leftover piece of meat at the end of the night, and often not that. When there are leftovers, of course, folks want it.. and are persistent in wanting it. I have often had to fend off folks going "So that's extra, right?" when the steak is fine and we're open quite a while longer. As happened tonight.

Ismael was working saute, and had has his eyes on a filet for a good half-an-hour. It was nearing the edge of its lifespan.. you can't grave a filet forever.. and I was debating giving it to him shortly. Probably splitting it between us, because vixen likes her filet plenty too. Then I go in the back to grab something to restock.. and a minute or two later, I notice filet is no longer there.

Oh *no*.

You do not do this.

About two minutes later Ismael's headed out of the kitchen for a bathroom break, and I check over on his station. In twenty seconds I've found it, chucked in a saute pan in an unused oven. Well now. I could just take it back, throw it in the grave pan again, let him know he cannot play these games with me. But then he wouldn't learn his lesson fully.

And there's a bottle of Tabasco in my refrigerator.

So the filet gets doused with a good ounce of Tabasco, and rubbed in salt and pepper mix just to dose it fully.. then brushed off just a little bit, and put back right where it was. I let my other co-workers know what was up, so they'd be warned. Ismael comes back, and I mention it not. It's about another fifteen minutes before he starts eating it, shamelessly. And it's not until the second bite that he realizes the fire is beginning. And shortly excuses himself to go grab a soda.

When he comes back, I properly needle him. "Wow. Thirsty?" "Yes. Someone putting the hot pepper on steak." <-- Imagine this line said by Latka.

Then I take full responsibility, read him the riot act for thieving the steak out of my station. he protests, but he knows he's wrong, and got caught. He'll know better next time, it's not extra until I say it's extra. Mess not with this vixen.

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