Giachetta Rigogliosa "Magnavixen" Rucio (magnavixen) wrote,
Giachetta Rigogliosa "Magnavixen" Rucio

Vixen In The Kitchen: Donut Quest

Now, every other month of so at All Fangy[*1], I bring in a box of donuts. Usually it's Dunkin's, especially since they opened a new store that's directly on my commute path. In fact, it's just about impossible for me to get to work without passing by a Dunkin's or a Tim Horton's. (Route 2 North: Tim Horton's. Route 2 South: Dunkin's. 184-Shewville or 184-Lantern Hill: Dunkin's. 184-117: Tim's and a Dunkin's.)

Anyhoo, it' usually on a day that's going a potential wreck.. in this case, just a busy Saturday following a busy Friday, where the spirit and camaraderie, as well as the insulin levels, of my co-workers will be lifted by a dozen or two donuts. Of course, the trick is to find the mutually satisfying mix that gets everyone a donut (and me perhaps two, but hey, I *bought* them) and leaves folks satisfied. It's an iterative process, as co-workers switch in and out; our jelly-donut fan Sous Chef Gilbert has been replaced with Sous Chef Mike, whom seemd this time to gravitate towards chocolate glazed.

Hao's been a tricky sell, though. She has the semi-usual Chinese taste buds, not really being big on most desserts, or cheeses- though she loves cheesecake, oddly enough. But good cheesecake is rich without being sugary. Anyway, she's not much for donuts, though she's tried.. it always ends up as a quarter-segment cut and then and then an "No.. too sweet!" But this time, I got a 'Old Fashioned'. You know. The most boring, unfrosted, unglazed donut offered there. The kind you're always hoping won't be the last out of an assorted box. And she dug. "Very good, yes!"[*2]


[*1] Not the Italian restaurant's real name.
[*2] Yes, she really talks like this. Living most of your life in China and learning English as a second language means close-to-stereotypical speech patterns, even from smart people.
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